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  • Kayla T.
    Kayla T.
    fairly inexpensive and very clean inside. the staff was very friendly too.
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  • Adrian G.
    Adrian G.
    this is a real deal pizzeria serving top quality pizza that's better than any other pizza available in town.
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  • Rachelle E.
    Rachelle E.
    pizza is bomb!!!! the single slice is huge! the employees are very well attended.
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Only Fresh Ingredients

We invest in quality ingredients to ensure our customers get the great taste we’re famous for. Because we believe that you
deserve the best.


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Made With Love

Our secret ingredient is passion. Everyone on our team is passionate about making your time with us as great as it can be
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About Us

Upper Crust Pizzeria has been serving the East Coast since 2001 — and we’re proud to say we now serve the best pizza in Beverly Hills too! First started in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood, we now have nine locations serving handmade artisan pizza from coast to coast. 

Our award-winning pizzas are made from only the freshest ingredients. Nothing is canned and nothing is frozen. In fact, most of the ingredients in our premium pies go from farm to pizza oven in less than 24 hours! And our mozzarella is all-natural, with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. That’s how we’ve earned our reputation as a top Beverly Hills restaurant since we opened our L.A. location in 2016. 

We love being members of this community, and we look forward to many more years as your source for gourmet pies and FREE Beverly Hills pizza delivery.

The Pizzas

The pizzas at our Beverly Hills restaurant have to start with the best crust. Our dough is made fresh by hand every morning. Frozen dough is for the supermarket, not for a pizzeria! 

The Dough

We roll our dough ultra-thin before it gets topped and placed in our artisan stone deck oven. This special oven provides a balanced temperature from front to back for perfectly even cooking every time. Our pies have a crispy char on the bottom, but they’re still light and airy on top. It’s the perfect Neapolitan-style base for our wide selection of premium toppings! 

The Specialties

Our specialty pies are what make us stand out as a top Beverly Hills restaurant. We have over 20 specialty options, ranging from traditional to one-of-a-kind.

The State House has spicy pepperoni, Italian sausage, and ground beef all combined for the meat lovers out there. The Tremont is a little more balanced, with sliced prosciutto, fresh basil, and sliced tomato. It’s a perfect blend of cured meat saltiness and fresh garden flavors. Or for more Italian flair, try the Pollogo Pesto. This pie has a pesto base instead of red sauce, and it’s finished with grilled chicken, fresh garlic, piquant gorgonzola, and asiago cheese.

If you’re looking for something meat-free, try the Patata Rossa. This white pie is topped with roasted red bliss potatoes sliced thin, sweet caramelized onions, salty fontina, and fragrant garlic and rosemary. Or try the Vegetarian GOAT. Grilled artichokes, spinach, goat cheese, and fresh garlic make this veggie pie anything but boring. And for plenty of veggie-friendly umami, try our Truffled Mushroom pie — truffled mushrooms, ricotta, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and arugula. This pizza is only available at our Beverly Hills location!

If you’re having trouble deciding between the options at our Beverly Hills restaurant, you can order half and half! Try two different styles on one pie — even on our specialty pies. It’s the perfect way to satisfy a meat lover and a vegetarian, the spice-hound and the spice-averse, a pesto-fiend and a red-sauce traditionalist.

And you can also switch it up with some of our tasty sauces. Our homemade chili oil will bring the heat. Or how about a side of marinara, buffalo sauce, or pesto? 

Don’t worry about not getting enough of each type of pizza if you split yours in half. We think a large should be large. Our “small” pizza is 14” — the size of the national chains’ larges! And our 18” large is bigger than their extra-large! When you order the best pizza delivery in town from Upper Crust, you know you’ll have enough for the whole group.

We’re not interested in serving the best pizza in Beverly Hills to some people. We want to serve it to all people. That’s why we offer both gluten-free and vegan versions of our pizzas. You can get a 14” cauliflower crust for any of our pies. This crust is always crispy — never soggy! 

You can also substitute vegan cheese for dairy cheese. We use Violife Foods’ wonderful vegan cheese. It’s gooey and melty, just like cheese should be. Beverly Hills pizza delivery should be available for anyone who wants it, no matter their dietary restrictions.

If you’re looking for lunch, we have a couple of great combos as well! You can get a slice and a drink or a slice and a salad combo for less than $9.00. 

And finally, make sure to check out our slice of the week! These rotating pies let us bring you something new with unique ingredients that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Rest

At our Top Beverly Hills restaurant, we do more than just pizzas. We also make calzones with a beautiful, flaky crust that doesn’t overwhelm the ingredients inside. Our calzones are stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta, imported asiago, and anything else you’d like from our list of over 40 cheese, veggie, and protein toppings.

If you want a little more meat on the side with your pizza, how about classic chicken wings? Our wings are baked instead of fried. But they’re still perfectly tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, just the way wings should be. We finish them off in three ways — plain, Buffalo, or BBQ style. And you can get a small order of 8, a medium order of 14, or a big order of 25. Get more than you think you’ll need — these things are addictive!

We always eat our greens here at Upper Crust Pizzeria. So we have three different salad options as well. You can get a Garden, Greek, or Caesar salad. Crisp greens, cucumbers, and tomatoes shine when topped with one of our zippy dressings. Have one as a side, or top it with grilled chicken to make it a meal. Our salads are delicious and fresh! 

Of course, you’ll need something to drink to go with all that tasty food. We have sodas, sparkling water, ice tea, and lemonade, plus wine and beer on draft. Try our sparkling rosé in a can! Come by during happy hour (4pm – 7pm Monday – Friday) for $4 draft beers and $5 wine!

And when you finish your pizza, round out your meal with a gooey homemade chocolate chip cookie. We may offer the best pizza delivery in the area, but you can add any of these other menu items to your delivery order as well. 

The Catering 

It’s not a party unless it’s a pizza party. So why not get the best pizza in Beverly Hills for your next event?

Satisfying a large group is a tall order. But pizza is always a winner — especially with so many specialty pies to choose from. We can provide large salads, trays of homemade lasagna, garlic knots, and all the pizzas you can eat for your next party or corporate function. Don’t forget to add dessert trays of cookies, brownies, or seasonal fruit.

And if you have your hands full on the day of the event, no worries. We’ve got you covered with the best pizza delivery in town. It’s free!

The Rewards

We appreciate your loyalty to our Beverly Hills restaurant. And we think you deserve a little something back. That’s why we have a rewards program that lets you earn free pizza! Earn one point for every dollar you spend at Upper Crust. 

60 points will earn you a free slice of pizza. 120 points gets a free medium pizza. And 300 points will earn you a free large cheese pizza! 

The Restaurant

Our goal with our Beverly Hills location was to bring a little bit of Boston out to California. Our space is decorated with exposed brick and crisp white subway tile to bring the East Coast to the West Coast. With a wide-open kitchen, you can watch our pizza chefs make your pizza from start to finish. 

Our clean black and white interior has long group tables inside, perfect for families. Or you can sit outside on our patio to enjoy the California sunshine. Bring your pup! We won’t tell if you sneak him a bite of pizza under the table.

There is plenty of metered parking just outside our restaurant, all up and down South Beverly Drive. But with our central location, we’re just a short Uber or Lyft drive away from anywhere in Beverly Hills!

Open until 10pm on weeknights and 11pm Thursday through Saturday, we’re available for late-night snacks and impromptu pizza parties all week long.

Our team at Upper Crust Pizzeria is what has let us grow since 2001, and what has made our Beverly Hills location a success. We pride ourselves on our customer service. Our managers are experienced and knowledgable. They will work hard to make sure you have the best pizzeria or Beverly Hills pizza delivery experience that we can offer. 

We know that there is a lot of competition in this neighborhood. Beverly Hills is home to some of the best food in the country. That’s why we go above and beyond to bring you the freshest ingredients and best pizza for dine-in, takeout, or delivery.